Advocating for an all-inclusive fire service free of systemic discrimination and harassment. 

Our Motto is “Action & Accountability” – Lauren Andrade

No one should have to put their life on the line each day and still have to deal with harassment and hate from their co-workers and supervisors. It’s time that we all speak up and collectively work to make the changes necessary to reflect our values and support our frontline workers.

Equity On Fire (EOF) is a coalition of firefighters, civil rights leaders, and grassroots community organizers united to address systemic discrimination within the fire service.

We provide support and resources for firefighters who have experienced workplace discrimination, harassment, and abuse.

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Equity on Fire is a non-profit organization that originated in southern California. We are a volunteer organization. Our goal is to advocate for accountability and end the historically skewed professional archetype of the role of firefighters to be more inclusive of all races, genders, and sexualities.


The mission of EOF is to create a safe, inclusive work environment for all who serve in the fire service and to reflect the diversity of the communities they serve.


We are addressing inequity and fighting for change in the fire service with a multipronged approach:

  • Educating the public via multimedia awareness campaigns
  • Creating a support structure for those who wish to come forward and speak their truth
  • Supporting legal and political vehicles to ensure long-term institutional change